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The First Severn Bridge

Thomas Telford was the person who first had the idea of building a Severn Bridge in ... [more]

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First Severn Bridge Opens

This picture is taken from a post card dated approx ... [more]

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Severn Bridge and Star Wars

So how is the Severn Bridge and Star Wars linked ... [more]

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Second Severn Bridge

This picture was taken in January 1995 which shows the part construction of the Second Severn ... [more]

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Second Severn Bridge

The Second Severn Bridge, shown here late 2005, makes a striking ... [more]

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Across the mudflats

A view of the Second Severn Bridge across the world famous mud flats taken on 02 June ... [more]

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Photo archive of the paper mill

Mainly interior photos of the paper ... [more]

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Webcams: Severn Crossing

Take a look at the driving conditions on the Second Severn Crossing. Updated about every 5 minutes.

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bridge info

Today, two bridges span the Severn near Sudbrook providing quick exits from England...

genealogy info

Need help discovering your roots? Take a look at our hints and tips which will help you to get started!

fishing info

Fishing is a popular past-time. Traditional lave net fishing has been going on at Black rock for years...

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