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The Great Flood

On January 20th 1607 disastrous floods came to Sudbrook and the surrounding area.

The image here is of St Thomas Church, Redwick and it shows a mark on the right side of the entrance noting the height at which the water stood during the great inundation.

The number on the inscription is difficult to see in this image but it actually says 1606. It was the convention in the early seventeenth century not to change the year number until March.

The wave, entered the Bristol channel and overwhelmed all the low lying parishes.

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pumping station info

Built to pump water from the Severn Tunnel after a 'great spring' was discovered, it's been in action since 1886...

chapel info

"...on the very brink of this cliff is an old ruin called Sudbrook Chapel, very picturesque to see..."

bridge info

Today, two bridges span the Severn near Sudbrook providing quick exits from England...

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