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The Infirmary

A hospital was opened at the start of 1882. It was one of the largest cottages converted into a hospital. Dr Laurence, of Chepstow together with an assistant ran the hospital at this time.

Then a new one was built (the one that was built has plans with it and was the infirmary). The infirmary was built late 1882, shown opposite. This hospital opened later in 1882. This second hospital had accommodation for female and male medical staff, an operating theatre and a ward for women and children.

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fishing info

Fishing is a popular past-time. Traditional lave net fishing has been going on at Black rock for years...

paper mill info

The paper mill was opened in 1958 by the Wiggins Teape Group. The site was picked because of the nearby water...

cricket info

Reputedly founded in 1860, Sudbrook Cricket Club still thrives today...

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