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Can we have our village back please ?

OK, so this is the story. I have a sister who is a keen genealogist and she assures me that Cliffords Mesne should belong to her. Yes - the whole village. She has been known, when passing through the village, to assert that she does in fact own this building or that building. It may come as bit of a shock to the current occupants to learn that she does claim rightful ownership of 'The Yew Tree' too.

Her logic is this: way back in the day we had relatives and some of our relatives had land, or specifically lots of land all over Cliffords Mesne.

She also claims that our family is related to several famous people such as William Pitt the younger, that very young Prime Minister of Great Britain in the early 1800s and also Brad Pitt, who has done some films and stuff. It would take considerable photoshopping for any family likeness to become apparent...but I digress...

Having distant relatives who once owned chunks of land seems all very vague to me. For all we know even if these relatives did actually own the land they may well have sold it all and spent the rest of their lives in a cider induced state of bliss. They may well have lost it all in a game of chance, or just got tired of the British weather and wandered off to Africa. A lot of that sort of thing went on back in the day...

I have pointed out that even if she did miraculously prove ownership and then asserted her rightful place as 'Lady of the Manor' such positions do come with responsibilities. For example, at Christmas she may well be expected to throw generous parties for all the locals or that she may well have to provide ample sustenance for the needy. Indeed she may well be required to crush apples with her bare feet as local tradition demands. Surely not a pleasant thought for someone who spends so much time painting her toenails as her efforts would surely be ruined. Actually it isn't a pleasant thought for the drinkers of the crushed apples either - I know I wouldn't welcome my chosen beverage tainted with Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie...

So please, if anyone can share any information they have about Cliffords Mesne, any clues at all about its past, drop us a line would you?

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