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About Us


This website has been produced mainly for our own entertainment. Our family do, apparently, have distant relatives who lived in Cliffords Mesne. The personal historical link and the fact that the village lacks an internet presence are the main reasons for creating this website. It also acts as an experimentation laboratory - we get to try internet technologies out on a relatively modest dataset.


The data has been accumulated from the Internet using a web spider - part of a project we're developing. Please note:
  • The data may or may not be accurate, complete or truthful.
  • The inclusion of an external link in no way represents a recommendation.
  • No part of this website is intended to cause offense.
  • We cannot be responsible for the content of external sites although we have attempted to exclude certain types of web experience from our dataset - which is our perogative. The main exclusions are websites that aren't relevant, contain or link to 'warez' or are examples of geo-spam or ad-farms.
  • Responsibility for where you choose to surf remains with you.


This site uses HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP to talk to the database and the Ordnance Survey Open Data API for the map.

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